Key Issues

Jay Fawcett is an independent Fighter - he will stand up for Colorado values while working with Republicans and Democrats alike to build consensus, deliver results, and get us moving again.

National Security and Iraq
As a decorated veteran of the Gulf War and a graduate, former professor, and a former headquarters' squadron commander of the Air Force Academy, Jay Fawcett will bring a depth of knowledge to the issues of national defense. He will also provide a dose of much-needed common sense to Congress by demanding clear and concise goals and objectives in Iraq that enable the U.S. to concentrate on domestic homeland security and preventing terrorism. As CD-5's Congressman, Jay will ensure that our national defense remains robust, our borders are secured, and our homes and communities are protected. With Jay's leadership, we can win the war on global terrorism without sacrificing the freedoms that we as Americans enjoy.

Gen Hugh Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:
"Jay is an outstanding man. I served with him in both Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Jay will serve the people of Colorado's Fifth Congressional District in the same outstanding manner he served the United States Military."  

General Wesley Clark:
"Jay Fawcett is a decorated veteran and a fighting Democrat, and I am proud to put my support behind a man who has served his country with such integrity. His honorable service in the United States Air Force, his work in the private sector and his life as a family man provide Jay with the experience and perspective we need on Capitol Hill in these trying times at home and abroad."

Veteran's Benefits
Jay Fawcett, who has been endorsed by a former Joint Chief of Staff Chairman and has served on all five military bases in our district, knows first hand the importance of the military and will fight for the rights of veterans who have defended our country. As an Air Force Academy graduate who served in the military for over 20 years, earning a Bronze Star in the Gulf War, Jay will fight to restore to veterans the billions in health care unfairly cut by Congress. El Paso County has the proud distinction of having the fourth largest concentration of retired veterans in the U.S., and Jay will fight for veterans to make sure all receive the real support they deserve:

  • Excellent and ongoing medical treatment
  • Appropriate resources and training to continue earning enough money to support their families
  • Immediate support to children and spouses who may be left without a loved one

The growing attention to immigration issues is long past due, and Jay Fawcett believes the best way to secure our nation's borders is to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations and enforce existing labor laws to better uphold our nation's immigration policies without wasting resources. We must control our borders, not just to the south but the north as well. We have seen that the acts of terrorism are coming from all directions, including our ports, our planes, and ALL our borders. As your Congressman, Jay will fight for the Federal Government to

  • Enforce our border security with all reasonable means possible
  • Enforce all the existing labor and visa laws
  • Work with border countries to stem the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S.

Health Care
Healthcare is a moral issue - and an important business issue - and Jay Fawcett will bring government and businesses together to make healthcare more affordable for all. As CD-5's Congressman, Jay will work on a bipartisan basis to find workable health care solutions, including standing up to big drug companies to allow Medicare to negotiate for the lowest possible prescription drug prices.  Jay will fight to restore to veterans the billions in health care unfairly cut by Congress.

The Economy
America's free enterprise system is the most powerful economic engine in the world and a cauldron of creativity that has produced remarkable prosperity. Jay Fawcett believes that Congress needs to simplify and streamline its role in guiding and shaping the nation's economic growth. As your Congressman, Jay will not only fight for tax reform and simplification, he will also fight for government accountability. He believes we must restore fiscal discipline to this out of control "tax and spend" Congressional leadership. Jay Fawcett will also reduce our dependence on foreign oil by advancing a comprehensive energy policy that calls for higher fuel efficiency standards and increasing funding for energy efficiency research. And on other crucial national economic issues, including trade agreements and industry subsidies, Jay believes we need to review, simplify, and in some cases, eliminate unnecessary rules or unfair pork-barrel subsidies that take money out of taxpayer pockets.

Jay Fawcett knows that improving education isn't about teaching to the test. It's about teaching our children to be critical thinkers by providing our schools with proper resources and our teachers with better salaries. As your Congressman, Jay will work to ensure that the federal government does everything in its power to secure our children's future by through an outstanding education system.

Jay Fawcett believes it is wrong to allow companies to drop pension plans for retirees and will fight for workers to ensure their long-term financial security. As your Congressman, he will fight to improve the lives of retirees, including strengthening Social Security - not gambling it away on a risky privatization scheme.

The Environment
Colorado's natural legacy is bountiful and as Colorado's next Congressman, Jay Fawcett will work to both protect the environment and provide access to our natural treasures. As a gun owner himself, Jay will be an advocate for sportsmen, ensuring their continued right to share in Colorado's natural resources. He will also work with Colorado's Congressional delegation to protect our community's water rights by ensuring the district's water supply remains plentiful, unpolluted, and under our control. And he will uphold the commitment our nation has made to wilderness area in Colorado, keeping them secure for generations to enjoy.

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